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We work hand in hand with thousands of appliance retail stores across the country in all shapes and sizes. Read below to learn about the different types of appliance stores and resellers we work with on a daily basis. We organize our programs by the business model that will have the greatest success.  No surprises, just good business.

Types of Appliance Stores We Work With

Appliance Store Owner Wholesale Customer - New only Scratch and Dent Appliance Stores

Brand New Scratch & Dent Appliance Stores

About These Appliance Stores:

  • We know these appliance stores well. 
  • More focus on showroom ready appliances vs repairing and reselling. 
  • May include Discount stores or Liquidation stores
  • Focused on sales velocity vs repairing appliances. 
  • May not have appliance testing stations.
  • Usually don’t have appliance repair staff to provide repair services.
  • Staffing limitations inhibit warranty services before or after  a sale.
  • Warranties typically have more value to you to remove service / warranty calls that may be needed following a sale.
  • Happy customers are your focus! Happy customers = good business. 
  • We understand your appliance supply needs and match you with a program to provide the exact inventory for you to succeed!
Appliance Store Owner Wholesale Customer - New and Used - Current Model Type Scratch and Dent Appliance Stores

New + Used Current Model Only Scratch & Dent Appliance Stores

About These Appliance Stores:

  • Our favorite and generally the most successful business model!
  • These stores only sell current models of new and used appliances. 
  • We feel this provides the best product + service to your customers.
  • The most profitable at scale. 
  • Stocking current models provides fast and easy comparison shopping. 
  • Older model appliances require deeper discounts.
  • Older model appliances require proper customer education. 
  • These businesses have a testing / repair facility to process appliances. 
  • These businesses staff appliance repair employees to process inventory and service / warranty calls if needed. 
  • Our retail store is set up this way. We understand your needs.
  • We match you with a program to supply your inventory needs!
Appliance Store Owner Wholesale Customer - New and Used - All Model Type Scratch and Dent Appliance Stores

New + Used All Models Appliance Stores

About These Appliance Stores:

  • Our second favorite business model! 
  • These stores are usually one step past a “strictly used” appliance store and not quite to only carrying current models (typically due to a lack of supply). 
  • Our outlet store went through the same process. We get it. 
  • When you carry both older model refurbished appliances and new scratch and dent appliances in the same showroom they compliment each other. 
  • Harder to scale as you skilled repair labor needs to scale at the same pace as your sales.
  • In some regions where the market may be smaller or limited by customer budgets this makes perfect sense!
  • A surplus of used appliance parts + testing and repairing stations makes refurbishing used haul away appliances easier and more efficient.
  • Isolating optimal appliances to refurbish vs appliances that are not good products for your customers will decrease your warranty rates. 
  • In time you might identify current model appliances yield less warranty/service calls reducing your labor costs.
  • This will provide the room to scale efficiently and increase your ROI.
  • We know the type of inventory you guys love, we sell it. We will match you with a program that fits your needs.
Appliance Store Owner Customer - Used Appliance Stores

Used Appliance Stores

About These Appliance Stores:

  • This is how we started off.
  • We understand your business and how you make inventory decisions.
  • These stores are great for providing customers deep discounts. 
  • Your customers are budget shoppers.
  • You probably have a deep background in appliance repair.
  • You may have been a technician or have learned along the way.
  • We encourage you to carry Current Model and Used appliances.
  • Used appliances build store value and give customers the best options. 
  • These two options will help you identify what your market wants.
  • Best to refurbish the highest ROI products vs refurbishing everything.
  • Picking the winners gives your customers the best possible value. 
  • We would love to provide you with the next stepping stone, current model appliance truckloads that fit your budget. 
  • It’s no secret, Scott our CEO, is very vocal about his dislike of refurbishing haul away appliances as a sole business. We sell haul away appliances by the truckload….. It’s a horrible sales pitch……however, we would love to show you what we feel is the next step for you.